Our system gets data from different inputs to help you formulate optimal merchandise plan and utilizes an intuitive user interface that makes imputing and editing records fast and efficient and provides a graphical user interface that allows a user to input all information and store it electronically so that we will be needless of using paper records.
The program uses a client/server based model. The client is what the user uses to add respective records as well as edit them. The client program will communicate with a MySQL server that saves all the information for each records.
Administrators of this system can easily manage stores, outlets and routes. In addition, they can identify and locate outlets and define routes based on mobile device (tablet) GPS data gathered and/or manually.
Administrators of this system manage regions, sub-regions and zones of a country. In addition, they also have access to manage the cities and outlet automatic code generation based on the city of an outlet. So someone can define geographical segments within a country. ‘Product parameters’ in the system allows administrators to manage and manipulate attribute of products in distribution channel. User can modify product parameters e.g. brand, company, packing style and etc. He or she also can update the price policy of a product. This policy uses group of outlet (customer) and date arguments.